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Here’s how we help you

Step 1

We source written proposals

We'll invite local agents to submit written proposals for your property listing. They include an agency profile, commissions/fees, marketing plan and sales strategy. All proposals follow one simple and consistent online format, making comparison easy.

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Step 2

You compare, select & appoint.

As you receive proposals, we’ll help you compare them side-by-side online. You can shortlist agents, and make contact when you’re ready. Most proposals arrive within 1-2 working days.

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What others are saying

Find out why thousands of Australians have trusted to find a local real estate agent to sell or rent their property.

  • I wanted to compare the services offered by a number of local agents. Rather than me having to call around, they came to me. I also had the upfront information provided in their profile, so I could disregard immediately those which didn't appeal, rather than having to waste time in meeting with them. Overall a great service.

    Johanna Rice / St Kilda East, VIC
  • This website has been truly the best thing about selling my property!!!!!! :) Great service and an outstanding performance, receiving information about the process for selling my property!! It basically answered all my questions/queries.

    Vivienne Mika / Parkinson, QLD
  • I would like to thank the people from They made selling my unit a very easy experience and I would recommend to anyone who is selling a property. Thanks again!

    Christopher Lowe / Alexandria, NSW
  • I was thinking of driving all the way from Toowoomba to Bendigo to sort out the many problems and find a new agent for our rental property. But when Googling for estate agents in Bendigo, the first thing that came up was '". I had never heard of such a thing, but it seemed simple to use, so I gave it a go. Within a week I had engaged a new, genuine agent who has turned a potential horror story into a pleasureable experience .. plus saved a long drive !! Good work!

    Greg Willis / Jackass Flat, VIC
  • As my property manager was not very active in the sales area, I needed to find a good local agent for the sale of my investment unit. Time was of the essence to catch the market before Christmas, and an internet search quickly led me to In less than 2 days I had received 11 submissions from local agents, which made it so easy and at no cost to me! Their submissions included fees, so I was quickly able to identify what was reasonable, and some included details of how they would approach the sales strategy. I interviewed 2 agents, and then appointed one quickly. They went about their business in a very professional way. The campaign outcome was extremely successful, with 13 contracts taken and an auction sale price well above my highest expectations! I would strongly recommend using, even if you have an agent already in mind. The process is quick and easy, and will provide great information on fees, strategy, marketing contacts, etc. to allow you to make an informed decision about which agent to appoint.

    Brian Armour / Glebe, NSW
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