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SellMyCastle is a 100% FREE, NO OBLIGATION service
that allows you to request and review online proposals
from multiple local real estate agents, helping you choose
the right real estate agent to sell or rent your property


Why sellmycastle.com.au?

  • We do the legwork of contacting agents servicing your area
  • We are independent, transparent and impartial
  • Agents won't see your contact details until you want them to
  • 100% free, no obligation and you can opt out at any time
  • Register in minutes and receive agent proposals online


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Register your property now and find out why thousands
of Australians have trusted SellMyCastle to find
a local real estate agent to sell or rent their property

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Here’s how we help you

Step 1

Agents submit written quotes

Agents are invited to submit written proposals for your property listing. They include an agency profile, commissions/fees, marketing plan and sales strategy. All proposals follow one simple and consistent online format, making comparison easy.

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Step 2

You compare, select & appoint.

As you receive proposals, we’ll help you compare them side-by-side online. You can shortlist agents, and make contact when you’re ready. Most proposals arrive within 1-2 working days.

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What others are saying

Find out why thousands of Australians have trusted SellMyCastle to find a local real estate agent to sell or rent their property.

  • Using sellmycastle.com.au was quick, easy and I got multiple responses in very little time. Within a week my property was on the market and within a month it was sold! Fantastic tool available at your fingertips.

    Hayley Vink / Maylands, WA
  • This is so easy to use and best of all, its FREE and saved me A LOT OF TIME. I advertised my unit and had 4 agents respond within 6 hours. You don't have to contact all of them, just the ones you feel most comfortable with and offer you the best packages. I would highly recommend this website to anyone who is looking to change property management and doesn't know where to start. You have nothing to lose!

    Sally Christianson / Guildford, NSW
  • Easy to set up, very good service. I'll use it next time again!

    James Ni / Robina, QLD
  • Excellent service, quick response any day of the week. The site provides great support. There were plenty of agents and they're generally all good!

    Andrew Papazacharia / Kingston, TAS
  • I was delighted to have three agents respond to my registration on sellmycastle.com.au, two of whom offered lower agent fees than the incumbent agent who I knew was at the top of the market for price but below par for service and culture. I very much desired to replace the current agent but was facing a difficult task given I am in Sydney and the property is in Queensland with no short to mid term plans to travel up there. I was researching on the internet to establish a potential short list to phone around when I stumbled across your service . I am excited with the opportunity your service has given me , it was an incredibly easy process and the results have exceeded my expectations. You are doing a most fantastic job. For your information , I have 5 investment properties around different areas in Australia and would not hesitate to use sellmycastle.com.au again if I need to replace an agent or to appoint an agent to a new property purchase. I purchased the existing properties progressively over 20 years and always just signed with the default listing agent. I certainly will do it differently next time.

    Anne Kremer / Burnside, QLD


homeowners helped,
and counting